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Hero Food Sdn Bhd

sunflower oil, canola oil, RBD palm oil, refined UCO, olive oil, crude jatrop...

Thursday,Nov 15, 2018
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Hero pure Olive Oil

Sep 11, 2017

About Us
We in Hero Foods Believe that what is worth eating is worth manufacturing, refining, and packaging well in the best environment and with the best equipment available in the field.
At Hero foods we go through compulsory procedures to ensure that our products meets the desired standards and is fit for human comsuption without posing any threat whatsoever to
our consumers .We nurture and sustain strong personal bonds with our buyers who come from far and wide across cultures and regions and range from importers and distributors of 
food products to manufacturers of confectionery, pastry, and processed foods.
We also have a very large range of production of edible oils which we go through compulsory measures to refine here malaysia, Edible oils which range from U.C.O's of various kinds
Refined sunflower oil,corn oil, soybean oil,RBD palm oil/olein, canola oil olive oil, cocoa butter substitutes,coating and other speciality fats
We cherish the bond we have with our buyer... [More Information]
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Canola Oil

Sep 20, 2017

Hero pure Olive Oil

Sep 11, 2017